Tagus Salt-marsh sampling

This week, I have received a visit in Lisbon. Dr. Cobelo-García and PhD student Clara Almécija from the IIM,  joined me at the IPIMAR. We have been sampling with Dr. Miguel Caetano in two different saltmarshes on the south margin of the Tagus estuary. Clara, as part of her PhD, will study the fate and transport of Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in saltmarsh systems.

 After being bitten by several mosquitos on Wednesday in Samouco saltmarsh we managed to collect our muddy samples for porewaters, roots, plants and sediments. On Thursday we moved to Rosario salmarsh. Back in the lab, we measured several auxiliary variables (oxygen, pH, Eh and salinity) and separated porewaters, roots and plants from the sediments waiting to be pretreated and analyzed for PGE. At this moment, Antonio and Clara are on the road back to Vigo.


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